Selected Publications

See the list below for recent work done by our brilliant collaborators using VivoQuant for analysis.

As always, please remember to cite VivoQuant if you have used it in your research by mentioning VivoQuant (inviCRO, Boston MA). Thank you.

Park TY, Nishida KS, Wilson CM, Jaiswal S, Scott J, Hoy AR, Selwyn RG, Dardzinski BJ, Choi KH. Effects of isoflurane anesthesia and intravenous morphine self-administration on regional glucose metabolism ([18F] FDG-PET) of male Sprague-Dawley rats. European Journal of Neuroscience. 2017; 45(7): 922-931.

Jaiswal S, Hockenbury N, Meyer C, Hoy A, Dardzinski B, Byrnes K. Evaluation of Intranasal Insulin Administration on Regional Metabolic Changes in Rat Brain with Cognitive testing during Uptake using [18F] FDG PET following moderate CCI. Journal of Nuclear Medicine. 2017; 58(1): 655.

Jaiswal S, Cramer N, Scott J, Meyer C, Xu X, Whiting K, Hoy A, Galdzicki Z, Dardzinski B. [18F] FDG PET to study the effect of simulated high altitude on regional brain activity in mice. Journal of Nuclear Medicine. 2017; 58(1): 1246.

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