What happened to my MIP viewer?

What happened to my MIP viewer?

The MIP viewer may become disabled for a number of reasons.

On both Windows and Mac, review the following:

In Tools → Configuration → Data, is the ‘Disable MIP Viewer’ box checked? If so – uncheck it.

Is the checkbox grayed out and unclickable?

Perhaps you have loaded planar data?
A MIP cannot be generated with planar data. If your data is not planar, VQ may be interpreting it as such if the Max Voxsize Ratio is less than that of your image. You can increase the ratio by navigating to Tools → Configuration → Data, and increasing the number for the field “Max voxsize ratio for vol.” Try 20 or higher.

Ensure OpenGL is installed – 2.0 is the minimum but 3.0+ is preferred. This is provided by your graphics card driver installer.


The issue may lie with your graphics driver. Just having a powerful/modern GPU may not be enough if the manufacturer driver is not installed.

Open device manager from control panel (note: this will require admin access or IT support). Expand the entry for ‘Display adapters’:

If you see ‘ Microsoft Basic Display Adapter’ listed, that device does not support VivoQuant requirements of OpenGL 2.0. You must install the manufacturer driver – please contact your IT helpdesk as necessary.

Windows provides a built-in tool called dxdiag which can be used to review system settings and expose additional issues, if any:

VTK is Disabled


VTK can be enabled with a registry string value added to: Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\inviCRO\VivoQuant\MIP

The name must be: QVTKWidgetCreationFail and the value must be ‘false’.

A restart of VivoQuant is required.


To enable VTK on Mac, run the following command in a terminal with Admin rights:

defaults write com.invicro.VivoQuant "MIP.QVTKWidgetCreationFail" 0 

Toggle VTK Viewer

This feature could affect both mac and windows.

1. Open the MIP controller:

2. Click the ‘CT’ button under the ‘VTK Viewer’ section, and check the CT button coloration. If that button is light gray, MIP is disabled.

In VQ Versions 2021 and lower, blue means that it is enabled. In VQ 2022, dark gray indicates enabled


Enabled VQ 2021 and prior:

Enabled VQ 2022:

Rebuild Mac Plist files

If the above steps do not restore the MIP viewer in Mac, delete the plist file and restart VQ to rebuild the configuration: