VivoQuant 2.5 Release Webinar

VivoQuant 2.5 Webinar Series

On November 13, 2015, inviCRO officially released VivoQuant 2.5. The updated version includes a brand new fully-flexible Multi View, with expanded and enhanced data viewing options. Data interaction has also been enhanced with an increase in size of the display window and added support for zooming/panning within an image. VQ 2.5 also supports the newly updated modeling tool with more models than previously included, as well as the addition of voxel-wise modeling for parametric map generation.

VivoQuant 2.5 Webinar Series

To view the Vivoquant 2.5 Webinar, please click here.

In the webinar, we covered the following topics:

  1. inviCRO Background
    1. inviCRO is an imaging solutions provider
    2. inviCRO’s main service lines are Contract Research, Image Analysis, and Software Solutions
    3. Two software platforms: VivoQuant and iPACS
  2. Connecting VQ and iPACS
    1. New button ‘Connect to iPACS’ makes connecting even easier
    2. Using VQ and iPACS in tandem streamlines data management, analysis, and reporting workflows
  3. Re-designed Data List and Palettes
    1. Default color palettes now set on a per-modality basis
    2. Transfer of color palettes to the Data List
    3. Palettes now display true voxel values rather than percentages
    4. Palettes stay with data as it is moved around in the Data List
    5. Easier selection of multiple data sets to change palettes or color ranges
  4. Data Zooming and Panning
    1. Improved rendering for zooming
    2. Fast and smooth transitions enhanced
    3. Consistent across Operators
    4. Adjustable ROIs on the voxel level
    5. Great for large or 2D data
  5. Updated Multi-Viewer
    1. Up to 5×5 grid of different viewports
      1. Up to 75 unique volumes displayed at once
    2. Any 1-3 images from the Data Manager can be assigned to each viewport
    3. Navigation can be linked or unlinked across all viewports
    4. Drag & Drop any image from the Data List into any viewport
  6. Tracer Kinetic Modeling
    1. Four new models added
      1. 1-Tissue Compartmental Model
      2. 2-Tissue Compartmental Model
      3. Simplified Reference Tissue Model
      4. Simplified Reference Tissue Model 2
    2. Maintained existing models
      1. Logan graphical method
      2. Logan reference graphical method
      3. Patlak plot
    3. All models available on the ROI and voxel level for parametric mapping
    4. Easily store model fit results and parameter estimates to spreadsheets and plots