VivoQuant 1.23 Webinar Series

VivoQuant 1.23 Webinar Series

On April 3, 2014, inviCRO officially released VivoQuant 1.23. Following the release, two webinar’s were held to review the new and improved features in VivoQuant 1.23. All materials covered and recordings of the webinars are available.

VivoQuant 1.23 Webinar Series – Part 1

To view Part 1 of the Vivoquant 1.23 Webinar Series, please click here.

In Part 1 we covered the following topics:

  1. Data Loader
    1. Load Native file formats through “Load Local Data”
    2. Load DICOM (from local folder, DICOM server, or iPACS) through “Data Browser”
  2. Deformable Registration Tool
    1. Perform 2D and 3D non-linear registration
    2. Four techniques available
    3. Adjustable number of iterations of computation for different resolution levels
    4. Adjustable standard deviation (smoothing) parameter
  3. Unit Conversion
    1. Added SUV, %ID, %ID/g, %ID/kg, and %ID/mg in the Pre-processing Tool
  4. 3D ROI Tool Improvements
    1. Modal Smoothing
    2. Connected Components
    3. Reorientation of ROIs within Reorientation Operator
    4. Copy and paste of ROIs between VQ instances
    5. Better memory allocation
  5. Whole Body Atlas Tool
    1. Build protocol-specific reference library
    2. Use affine and deformable registration to register each reference set to data
    3. Generate probabilistic map of ROI locations
    4. Output ROIs based on user-specified probability threshold
  6. Brain Atlas Tool
    1. New user interface
    2. Removed MATLAB runtime requirements
    3. iPACS integration
  7. Modeling Operator
    1. Tracer Kinetic modeling
      1. Patlak
      2. Logan
      3. Can use custom or image-defined input function
    2. General Linear Model
    3. T2 mapping
    4. T1 mapping
    5. ADC mapping
  8. VivoScript Improvements
    1. Added internal functions to the VQ object
    2. Expanded example and user-ready VivoScripts with the VQ install
    3. Improved iPACS integration for batch processing

VivoQuant 1.23 Webinar Series – Part 2

Part 2 focused on inviCRO’s Software solutions and the VivoScript platform. It also served as a forum for those in attendance to ask questions about their specific work flows and how to best utilize the new features in 1.23.

To view Part 2 of the Vivoquant 1.23 Webinar Series, please click here.