iPACS: Project Selection Super Charged Dashboard Widget

iPACS: Project Selection Super Charged Dashboard Widget

With iPACS 1.07 the Dashboard was introduced, which allows the user to configure their own front page and thus get access to all the information they actually need right after login. The Projects dashboard widget is designed to ease navigating through huge (500+) project trees with quick access to important project information as well as the Image/DICOM Browser and the file-based WebDisk. Also available are widgets for a world clock, the current jobqueue, messages, events from the Study Planner, last accessed projects and directories and many more…

Configuring your Dashboard

To configure the dashboard use the Dashboard entry from the User menu. Then drag’n’drop the widgets you would like to see on your front page from the list of ‘Available Modules‘, you can also order the widgets to better fit on the page.



The Projects Widget

The widget for selecting projects right from the front page comes with a selection box with all projects the user has at least read permission to, ordered in the usual path hierarchy. After you have selected a project you can use the Browser or WebDisk quick buttons to swiftly open the Image Database Browser or file-based WebDisk view for the data of the selected project.


Additionally, you can easily search projects by typing parts of the name or path. Only matching projects are shown then and the actual matches are highlighted in yellow:
dashboard-projects-04-bsOnce you have found the project you are looking for and have selected it from the list, the widgets pulls project details from the server, e.g. the state, comment,  patient/studies statistics, your permissions for the project as well as a list of all project datapoints.

dashboard-projects-05-detailsBy moving the mouse over the respective datapoints you can also directly see the values of the chosen point:



By adding the super charged project selection widget to your dashboard you can now more easily access and navigate through extensive project trees.