Exporting VQ ROIs to the real world

Exporting VQ ROIs to the real world

Thanks to modern 3D Printing technology, you can now export your VivoQuant 3D regions of interest (ROIs) into the real world. VivoQuant offers a wide array of export options, e.g. as STL or VRML, which can be read in by most 3D modelling or CAT software. The 3D printer takes a model and adds small dots of liquified plastic, feed as a long thread to the system, to a base plate. The plastic cools down and sets, so additional layers can be added, until the full model is completed.

Since VivoQuant is a great tool to produce three dimensional ROI from medical imaging data it is a perfect source for printed anatomical models.

To export your ROIs, use the ‘Store to disk’ option of the ‘3D ROI Tool’:


and then select the filetype from the list shown:


The resulting files can than easily imported into your 3D Printing software.

We were using a CapInc Stratasys uPrint SEplus 3D Print to produce results such as this print out of a Rhesus monkey brain or a mouse paw:


Please check out above gallery (click on the images top open them in full) to see more pictures of the modelling process.